Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Claire Benoit Illustrations

If you are interested in Fine illustration work please feel free to check Claire Benoits illustrations on her blog: http://claireevabenoit.blogspot.com/ or her website http://cargocollective.com/wwwclaire-benoit

These are just a couple of photos where I worked in Brize Norton RAF base in oxford. I was responsible for setting up the paving machine and making sure it ran to the design the construction tolerance was very precise and i ha to work to a high degree of accuracy within 2mm. to get the paving machine working you set up the three total stations using 3 control points and setting up a freestation. the onboard control panel then had the design uploaded and it could start moving and show how close tot he design it is running to using the control panel's on both sides of the machine. the total stations were constantly checking the machine coordinates as it was moving and this information was displayed on the control panels.